Every day in the U.S. about twenty people die waiting for transplant organs, because not enough of us are donors.

Dying To Live
tells the inspiring stories of four hopeful organ recipients as they struggle to stay alive long enough to reach the top of the long waiting list.

“Absolutely terrific. A great film! I’m sitting here wiping the tears from my eyes, deeply moved by it. The access you were given was extraordinary and allowed you to capture the most intimate, incredible moments. You've chosen a subject that I don't believe has been covered at all and if so, not adequately. This alone should give your film great interest among film festivals, distributors, and the public.”

Chuck Boller, Executive Director
Hawaii International Film Festival

The documentary also brings us into the lives of two donors - a young man who dies and leaves a liver to one of the people followed in the documentary, and a courageous woman who makes the remarkable decision to donate a kidney to a person she has never met.

Produced over the course of a year and a half in 1080p Hi-Def, Dying To Live has received a HUGO award from the Chicago International Film Festival and an honorable mention award from the Los Angeles International Film Festival. International broadcast rights are available.

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